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InCommons.org will soon be closing down. For an update on what’s next for the work of InCommons, please check out Bush Foundation President Jennifer Ford Reedy’s latest blog post. Thank you for being a part of the InCommons community!

Jake Voit

Jake Voit

Bush Foundation

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Jake Voit Stillwater, MN

135 weeks ago Organization: Free Geek Twin Cities.135 weeks ago
143 weeks ago Organization: Minnesota International NGO Network (MINN).143 weeks ago
152 weeks ago Organization: Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships.152 weeks ago
156 weeks ago Organization: DARTS.156 weeks ago
157 weeks ago Resource: Community approaches to healthier eating -- forum highlights.157 weeks ago
157 weeks ago Resource: ALVA Leadership Development for the common good.157 weeks ago
157 weeks ago Competition Entry: Growing Up Healthy.157 weeks ago
158 weeks ago Blog entry: In Detroit, Cooperation Revives.158 weeks ago
159 weeks ago Incommons Gathering: Community approaches to healthier eating.159 weeks ago
159 weeks ago Incommons Gathering: Putting Partnerships Into Action for the Environment.159 weeks ago

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