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Jake Voit

Jake Voit

Bush Foundation

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Jake Voit Stillwater, MN

Describe a place for which you feel a fondness or connection:

The North Woods, specifically the Superior Hiking Trail and the tributary creeks to Lake Superior.

William O'brien and Jay Cooke State Parks.

Next to a fire with community, tea, and conversation!

What change do you passionately want to happen?:

A paradigm shift from individualistic transaction-based communities to shared relationship-based communities...

“Leaders can help solve problems by helping to create the conditions for communities to identify and engage around common solutions. Leaders of the future will be the best listeners and facilitators of deep relationships based on empathy and a realization of interconnectedness.

Enter a brief bio of your work and other relevant experience:

Jake Voit has 14 years of experience researching, working, living, and being mentored in the fields of Change Management and Sustainability. This portfolio, combined with an interdisciplinary education in Environmental Studies, Philosophy and Permaculture Design enables Jake to foster innovative opportunities. In all his work he implements deep thinking and understanding of relationship patterning, collaborative cultures, systemic solutions, resource cycles, and human ecology to create unique solutions.

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